We make our clients successful through proven GameChanging leadership.

Every company today is looking for GameChanging leaders capable of delivering results in both good times and challenging environments. In order to effectively recruit the talent necessary to make the biggest impact within your organization, the executive search firm you select is as important as the leader you ultimately hire.

Top Gun Ventures is a premier global executive search firm with offices in Austin, Boston, Dallas, New York, Palo Alto, Seattle and St. Louis, and reach throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe. Since 2002, our partners have worked hand-in-hand with corporate clients, venture capitalists, private equity, boards and entrepreneurs to specialize in recruiting proven GameChangers that can lead our clients to success, making their financial goals and business vision a reality.

The Business Issues.

  • 40%-50% of newly hired executives will fail to make you successful
  • The traditional executive search model is broken
  • Little focus on candidate results and the right fit for the task, role and culture
  • The bar for selecting executives is too low
  • There is no accountability for a good hire or consequence for a bad hire

During the glory days of the computing revolution, there was a saying that “no manager ever got fired for choosing IBM.” It’s fair to say that for countless years, a similar belief prevailed about the executive search industry. Companies of all sizes, as well as some private equity and venture capital firms, selected one of the Big 5 Executive Search firms with little due diligence and based largely on brand.

In recent years, a massive shift has taken place within the executive search industry as clients have become far more selective about the firms they award their searches to. Lack of attention and client intimacy, junior staff oversight, an over reliance on candidates in their database or from prior searches, and long search completion times are just a few of the negatives that continue to plague the Big 5 firms.

“The days of a merely ‘Good Hire’ are over. It’s the ‘GameChangers’ that are getting the job done in today’s markets.”

Top Gun Ventures is changing the game in executive search.

Setting a new bar in the industry, we specialize in recruiting proven, GameChanging executives that can lead our clients to a new game or their endgame, making their financial goals and business vision a reality. Every aspect of our business model – from the partners we hire to the process we use – has been optimized to recruit GameChangers.

Our partners are a dynamic proven blend of real business experience and search expertise. Our partners handle every aspect of the search, from the initial requirements gathering to onboarding and post hire support. Nothing is delegated to a backroom of low-level associates. Most importantly, our candidates get the job done and make our clients successful – and we back this up with a 100% guarantee that our executives will achieve the tasks they were hired for.

We are a referral business – Making you successful is the source of our success

Our Principles.

The following principles guide everything we do ensuring our clients’ and candidates’ success:

  • Making Our Clients Successful:
    We are passionate about making our clients successful, making their financial results and business vision a reality
  • Supporting Candidate Performance:
    We support our candidates in delivering on the tasks they were hired for
  • Taking Accountability For A Successful Search:
    Accountable for the success of the search and the hiring of the right candidate
  • Delighting Our Clients:
    Our aim is to ’Delight Our Clients’ such that they will regard us as their trusted search partner and want to involve us again on their executive searches

Why Choose Top Gun Ventures?

  • Business experience, search expertise, results focused
  • 100% focus on GameChangers
  • Leverages new business models and disruptive technology
  • TGV Partners complete 100% of the search
  • TGV search process innovations
  • TGV candidates will deliver GameChanging results

It takes a GameChanger to find a GameChanger.