We have set a new bar in the industry for talent.

Statistics show that 40% to 50% of executive new hires fail within one to two years. Here are a few ways this failure impacts business strategy and the bottom line.

  • The average cost of a failed corporate executive hire is 24 times his/her annual salary
  • Every time a start-up CEO fails, it costs investors $4M – $7M and 6 – 12 months lead in the marketplace
  • 83% of mergers and acquisitions fail to meet shareholder expectations due to underperformance of leadership

As leaders, when this kind of data is brought before us we know we need to take action. But first we look to see if the data is credible and secondly we apply what many call the smell test; does this add up? Most leaders today intuitively know that they are not seeing the right kind of talent and that too many of their new hires are underperforming. This is not an issue of lack of availability of top candidates or the lack of capability within companies or executive search firms. It is not easy to find GameChangers that fit well in a client’s organization and can deliver on the tasks they were hired for, but it can be done and we have proved that time and time again. We would argue that these issues will not change unless as leaders you raise the bar on your talent expectations for new hire and executive team performance, and, equally as important, raise the bar on your expectations of your executive search partners.

The days of settling for the best from a short list of candidates presented or a merely “good hire” are over. It is the GameChangers that are getting the job done in a world in flux.

There is a big difference between a “top performer” and a GameChanger. We know how to determine the difference.

Top Gun Ventures specializes in recruiting a unique breed of executives – the GameChangers. These GameChangers have proven themselves to be more than “top performers” who thrive in comfortable, steady-state environments, yet may struggle to replicate past success under a new set of circumstances.


  • Thrive in steady-state environments
  • Perform best in a steady and comfortable environment
  • May struggle to replicate past success in new environments
  • May underperform but not bad enough to remove so you are stuck with them
  • Thrive in disruptive/turbulent environments
  • Perform best when required to be agile and adaptable
  • Capable of delivering results in new
  • Able to deliver on the tasks they were hired for in both good and bad business environments

GameChangers are executives who thrive in turbulent environments, whose agility and adaptability make them capable of delivering no matter the circumstance. As a result, our clients receive trajectory-altering results through proven leaders and their on-the-job performance.



Over the past decade of searches at Top Gun Ventures and through hundreds of interviews and discussions with top executives and hiring managers we have determined what separates the GameChangers from the under performers. We have developed a profile for GameChangers and a CHECKlist™ that we apply to all of our candidates – GameChangers that deliver on the tasks they were hired for and excel in all of the areas below.


  • CAPABILITY – They bring a proven track record of success for the task and role during both good and disruptive business environments
  • HEART – They have a passion and determination for what they do and what the client wants them to achieve
  • ENDGAME – They will achieve the tasks they were hired for and know how to get the client to the endgame (or new game)
  • CULTURE – They are best fit for the task and role and will get the job done in the client’s culture
  • KEEPER – They are as good as or better than the client’s top performers with potential for more responsibility. The client’s leaders/BoD are willing to support them to excel in their role and retain them


Top Gun Ventures works with you to meet your executive hiring needs – globally. We begin by developing a custom profile of the GameChangers your company requires. In most cases, this profile is a unique, one-of-a-kind ‘Client Specific’ composite of our four GameChanger archetypes: Entrepreneurs, Launchers, Accelerators and Transformers.





To learn more about the GameChangers click here to see our video.