Partners + Process + Principles = GameChangers. Guaranteed.

Through extensive research, select strategic partnerships and work with talent experts, Top Gun Ventures has developed its services to provide a new, results-driven approach. We have battle-hardened these best-practice processes in the most rugged business environments, corporate turnarounds and startups. At Top Gun Ventures, we go further by continuing to support every executive we recruit – and the companies into which we recruit them. We see every executable search as a commitment and take a stake in our client’s success by offering a 100% guarantee.

  • We will find the right candidate
  • The candidate will deliver the tasks that he or she was hired to achieve
  • If the candidate underperforms and is terminated we will redo the search

We are able to accomplish this performance through our unique type of partners, process steps and the principles that guide us through every step. This is what we call our 3 P’s and the Top Gun Ventures Way.



  • Business experience
  • Search experts
  • Involved in every phase
  • Focused number of searches


  • Success requirement
  • Search execution
  • GameChangers selection
  • Candidate results


  • Making our clients successful
  • Supporting candidate performance
  • Accountable for a successful search
  • Delighting our clients

Over the last decade we have achieved a 90% plus success rate as compared to traditional search firms at 60%. We continue to look for ways to improve our partners, process and principles to be able to ensure and predict our candidates’ and clients’ success. We all know that in the real world, regardless of how hard we and our clients work to get it right every time, there will be the exceptions. In these rare cases we step up and take accountability for a successful search by standing by our 100% guarantee that our candidate will deliver on the tasks they were hired for.


  • Partners

  • Process

  • Principles

In short, the formula for our clients’ success is… Partners + Process + Principles = GameChangers and we back this up with our 100% guarantee that our candidates will achieve the tasks they were hired for.

To learn more about ‘GameChangers. Guaranteed.’ click here to see our video.