The formula for our clients’ success: Partners + Process + Principles = GameChangers. Guaranteed.


  • Business experience
  • Search experts
  • Involved in every phase
  • Focused number of searches


  • Success requirement
  • Search execution
  • GameChangers selection
  • Candidate results


  • Making our clients successful
  • Supporting candidate performance
  • Accountable for a successful search
  • Delighting our clients


It takes a GameChanger to find a GameChanger.

That is why each of our partners has gained an extensive and varied business background before joining Top Gun Ventures. We are experts in retained executive search and know how to identify, evaluate and recruit only those senior leaders who are proven GameChangers at the jobs they perform. We have a relentless focus on presenting the best and most accomplished executives to every one of our clients.

Our PARTNERS are a dynamic proven blend of real business experience and search expertise

  • Unlike traditional search firms, TGV Partners complete 100% of the search activities:
    We don’t hand off the work to junior members or a backroom team
    Partners use their business experience to identify target candidates/companies
    Partners call the candidates and engage them around their career growth
    Partners conduct behavioral based interviews and references
    Partners evaluate the GameChangers and present a short list for selection
    Partners attract and close the candidates
    Partners support the candidate in achieving the tasks they were hired for
  • Benefits:
    We can engage the best leaders that are successful and not looking for a job
    We bring you a significantly stronger pool of candidates to select from
    We get the job done in half the time
    You are able to hire GameChangers to make you successful GUARANTEED

Our partners handle every aspect of the search – from the initial requirements gathering to onboarding.

Our partners do all the work. We conduct all the research, make all the calls, interview all the candidates, and create and present all the written analysis. We do not have junior staffers involved in the work you pay us to do. Eliminating the junior staffers and backroom team has enabled us to bring our clients significantly better candidates in half the time. This 100% partner involvement approach yields unprecedented results: executives who are not actively looking for their next assignment, but instead are heads-down leaders and GameChanging performers.

We conduct fewer executive searches per year, as compared to our competitors, and we complete 100% of them. Our approach allows us to truly understand our client, the company culture and the objective requirements and success factors of the position we are recruiting for, and leads to significant repeat and referral business. Since 2002, our business model has been validated by more than a decade of growth in changing and difficult markets.

Top Gun Ventures is changing the game in executive search.

Top Gun Ventures has set a new bar in the industry for talent. We specialize in recruiting a unique kind of executive – GameChangers – and we bring the expertise and passion to identify, engage and deliver the right executive, the first time. Most importantly, our clients achieve superior results through proven leadership, and we back this up with a 100% guarantee that our executives will achieve the tasks they were hired for.

We are passionate about finding our clients the most qualified executives that fit well within an organization, deliver superior results in both good and bad markets, and achieve or exceed the tasks they were hired for.

Traditional search firms declare success when the candidate is selected. The Partners at Top Gun Ventures declare success when the candidate delivers on the tasks he/she was hired to achieve and we back this up with our 100% guarantee. That is a significant difference in results for our clients.


Five decades of experience have convinced us that the traditional executive search model is totally broken.

There are many limitations associated with selecting a Big 5 executive search firm today, with companies frequently encountering the following problems:

  1. Lack of attention and client intimacy. The big search firm does not have a meaningful understanding of the client need nor the corporate culture. A typical consultant at a Big 5 Executive Search firm works on an average of 10 – 15 searches at once (30+ per year). There is simply no time to get too deep into any one search assignment
  2. Junior staff oversight. The junior staff works on the majority of the search, allowing the partners to spend as much time as possible acquiring new clients and searches
  3. Stale candidates. Big 5 Executive Search firms are guilty of an overreliance on their database of candidates and prospects from prior searches, delivering to clients the same old list of names rejected from those earlier searches while positioning them as something new and exciting
  4. “Off-limits” problems. The Big 5 Executive Search firms place their clients off-limits, meaning they cannot recruit candidates from those firms. Given the large number of clients they serve, in most cases, the Big 5 are not showing you the best talent available
  5. Long completion time. The typical Big 5 Executive Search firm today takes approximately five to six months to complete an assignment

Our GameChanging process has four steps: requirements, search, selection and results.

Each of our clients is able to leverage the combined business, operational, general management and technology backgrounds of our partners, who offer global business and executive recruitment experience in a variety of industry sectors. Unlike traditional search firms, our partners complete 100% of the search activities.


Success Requirements
  • New Game/Endgame and Results Expectations
  • Task, Role and Culture Requirements
  • Role and Compensation Calibration
  • Client and Task Specific GameChangers profile
  • TGV GameChangers Checklist.
  • Must-Haves requirements
Search Executions
  • Partners Researched Target Candidates and Companies
  • TGV Precision Recruiting Model
  • Initial Evaluations and Calibration
  • Behavioral-Based Interviews
  • TGV GameChangers Must-Haves Assessment
GameChangers Selection
  • TGV GameChangers Interview Model
  • Position Success Requirements
  • Points of View and Must-Haves
  • Client Interviews
  • TGV How Best To Manage/Retain Harrison Assessment
  • TGV Reality Check (Reference Checks)
Candidate Results
  • Accountability and Commitment
  • TGV Fast-Start On-Boarding Program
  • TGV Bi-Annual Reviews and Results Guarantee

Another differentiation is the number of projects we take on. On average, big search firm partners are juggling more than 10 – 15 searches at any given time. Top Gun Ventures partners typically conducts no more than 3 searches at a time, allowing us to truly understand our client, the business culture and the objective requirements of the position we are recruiting for. We present a short list of candidates within 30 to 45 days and our search is generally completed, with the final candidate starting, in two to three months’ time.

Our unique four-step search process is optimized around one thing – finding GameChangers who deliver on the tasks they were hired for.

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The following principles guide everything we do ensuring our clients’ and candidates’ success:

  • Making Our Clients Successful:
    We are passionate about making our clients successful, making their financial results and business vision a reality
  • Supporting Candidate Performance:
    We support our candidates in delivering on the tasks they were hired for
  • Taking Accountability For A Successful Search:
    Accountable for the success of the search and the hiring of the right candidate
  • Delighting Our Clients:
    Our aim is to ’Delight Our Clients’ such that they will regard us as their trusted search partner and want to involve us again on their executive searches

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