Peter Donovan

Managing Partner


Peter is one of the founding general partners of Top Gun Ventures, and holds responsibility for executive recruitment and high-performance team building. He specializes in recruiting top-performing CEOs and executives for large and midsize corporations, venture capitalists and private equity clients. In addition to multiple successful U.S. searches, Peter has supported global clients in recruiting top executives to lead their American, Asian, European, Middle East and African operations.

Peter is an expert in recruitment techniques that seek out, engage, qualify and attract those few GameChanging executives that are not in anyone’s database, don’t normally talk to search firms, don’t have a current résumé, are performing exceptionally well in their current role and not interested in switching companies. These are the top 10% of candidates in the talent market.

Global Innovator and Executive Recruiter

Peter strategically partners with his clients on talent management and building high-impact teams. With more than two decades of global technology and executive management experience in both startup and Fortune 1000 business environments, Peter looks for cultural and organizational fit to ensure that hired candidates will excel in their on-the-job performance. He has studied and gained empirical experience by living and working in Europe, the Middle East and America, and through several global vice president positions at both European and American multinational companies.

With his deep knowledge and econometric proof of the linkages between employees, customers and financial results, Peter led his team at a Fortune 100 company to win, two years in a row, the American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC) Industry Award for “Innovation in Customer Value to Drive Strategic Business Advantage.”

Known as a strategic thought leader with broad business knowledge, Peter is co-author of the book “Delighting Customers: How To Build A Customer-Driven Organization,” published worldwide by Chapman and Hall, and has presented and run workshops at the Linkage Talent Management Summit and several other Human Capital conferences. He has been interviewed online by CBS MarketWatch and quoted in various publications including Chief Executive Magazine.

Peter is an active member of the Human Capital Institute (HCI), a catalyst for innovative new thinking in talent acquisition, alignment, development and retention. The HCI has awarded Peter the Master Human Capital Strategist (MHCS) designation for his knowledge and application of effective talent management practices. He is also a certified startup mentor and advises many entrepreneurs.

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